Club History

The History of Ardagh G.A.A Club

The first record of Ardagh fielding a GAA team was in 1908 when they played Knockmore in a challenge game. Although there was a keen interest in football in the area, there was no official team in Ardagh until 1929. As it was the custom then for the better players to play with the great Stephenites club in Ballina. That team recorded some notable wins during the years 1929-’32. That team disbanded in 1932 when a lorry in which the team were returning from a playing a match in Skreen crashed and many of the players were injured and never played again. Another team was affiliated in 1944 but due to immigration, was disbanded in 1946.

Ardagh Junior Team (Around 1930)

Back left to right: John T Gillispie, Paddy Wynne, Michael J. O’Hara, Peter Wynne, Vinnie Kelly, Patrick Gillispie, Jim McHale, Unknown, Unknown.

Front left to right: David Munnelly, Stephen McKenna, Bob Laing, Phil Mulderrig, Tommy Yank Barrett, Jimmy Gillespie, Paddy Brogan

In the late 50’s and 60’s Ardagh teams won many local 7-a-side tournaments and some of the players played for Ballina and Crossmolina. In 1972 a new club was formed named Ardmoy, representing Ardagh and Moygownagh parishes.

Ardagh 7-A-Side G.A.A Team Circa. 1960

Back left to right: Willie Gordon, Mikie Joe Walsh, Jackie Herbert, John Joe Tolan.

Front left to right: Tommy Gillavary, Charlie Bourke R.I.P, Matt Gillispie R.I.P

Ardagh 7-A-Side Crossmolina 1958?

Left to right: Brendan Ruttledge, Unknown, John Joe Tolan, Paddy Joe Gillispie, Matt Gillispie R.I.P, Frank Maughan, Willie Gordon.

The first meeting of Ardagh and Moygownagh was held in Rathnamagh National School. This club fielded teams at Junior level and at Underage and played a big part of reviving the game in the area.

Ardagh GAA club was formed at a meeting in “The Hut” on 16th Nov 1978.

 Officers elected were:

President: Rev. Joe Harte (RIP)

Vice-President: John McDonnell(RIP) & Mickey Judge (RIP)

Chairman: Billie Williams

Vice-Chairman: Pat Lowther

Secretary: Jeremiah O’Mara

Treasurer: Padraic Murphy

PRO: Bernie Finan

Committee: John Dodd, Willie Gordan, Gerry Flanagan(RIP), Jackie Herbert, Jerry O’Mara, Chris Flynn, Michael Flanagan, Thomas Doherty & Richard O’Mara.

A set of jerseys were purchased with horizontal Green, Gold & Black stripes. Ardagh home games were played in Massey Campbell’s field. The first game played was against Ballina United on 27th Nov 1978. Since then, Ardagh have fielded teams at junior, U21 and in all underage competitions.

The Junior team won Div 4 in 1994 and the Junior Exclusive in 1995 and several tournaments since 1978. Our underage teams have also had many successes and an excellent system of coaching has been provided for them from U8 to Minor level.

The present club grounds were generously donated by Mr Jack Maughan(RIP) in 1980. Development work commenced almost immediately with the huge task of draining, leveling and seeding work carried out mostly by local voluntary labour.

The first Junior game played on the pitch was Ardagh vs Ardnaree in May 1983 and Jack Maughan threw in the ball to start the game. Work commenced on the clubrooms in 1983. Pitch and clubrooms were officially opened on Sunday 7th July 1985 by Dr. Mickey Loftus, the then president of the GAA. The development of the clubroom and pitches has been on-going with showers, dugouts, pitch lighting and nets installed down through the years. The pitch was named “Maughan Park” in memory of the Maughan family.

Working before the official opening July 1985 

Left to right: Tony Mulderrig, Jeremiah O'Mara, Michael Timlin,  Jerry O'Mara, John Timlin, Pat Lowther.

Fr. Jim Nallen addressing the crowd at the official opening of Ardagh G.A.A pitch on Sunday 7th of July 1985.

Back left to right: Paddy Muldoon (County Chairman), Dr. Michael Loftus (President of the G.A.A) Minister Paddy O’Toole, Tony Mulderrig (Club Chairman) Seamus O’ Connoy (North Board Chairman) Councillor Padraic Bourke R.I.P.

Dr. Michael Loftus (President of the G.A.A) Officially opening the new pitch.

Left to right: Tony Mulderrig, Jeremiah O'Mara, Jerry O'Mara, Sean Duffy (Ardnaree), Fr.Jim Nallen, Dr.Loftus, Sean Colleary T.D, Minister Paddy O'Toole, Jack Maughan, Willie Gordon, Seamus Barrett.

Official Opening Of The Pitch Match 

Back left to right: Seamus Barrett, Pious Fleming, Stanley Jackson, Padraic Traynor, Tom Doherty, Michael Cawley, Michael Flanagan, Michael McAndrew, Richie O'Mara, John Timlin, Pat Lowther, Jeremiah O'Mara.

Front left to right: Raymond O'Boyle, Michael Timlin, Gerry McAndrew, Tom Timlin, Sean Carr, Brian Timlin, Pat Bilbow, James Lowther, Sean Flanagan, Declan O'Boyle.

 Official Opening of the pitch 7th of July 1985 

Left to right: Richard O'Mara, Jeremiah O'Mara,

Michael Timlin (Knockmore) Sponsor of match football.

First Ardagh Junior Team 1979 V Killala

Back left to right: Brendan Flynn, Padraic Durkan, John Timlin, Michael Cawley, Seamus Barrett, Christy Flynn, Michael Flanagan, Padraic Egan, Richard O’Mara, Padraic Traynor,David Strong.

Front left to right: Raymond Stadler R.I.P, Gerry McAndrew (Cooneal) Tom Doherty,Sean Carr(Capt.) Sean Egan, Martin Gilivarry, Tony Mulderrig, Patrick Kavanagh.

Ardagh Junior Team 1981

Back: Michael Flanagan, Jeremiah O’Mara, Seán Carr, Tom Doherty, Paraic Traynor,Pat Lowther, Anthony Cawley, Richie O’Mara, John Timlin. 

Front: Stanley Jackson, Michael Timlin, Tony Mulderrig, Michael Moran, Pat Kavannagh, Seán Flanagan, Hugh Duffy, Michael Cawley.

Ardagh Under 14 Team 1983 (Drew against Parke in County B Final)

Back left to right: Seamus Barrett (coach) Michael Moore, Patrick McHale, Pat Bilbow, Micheal McLoughlin, P.J Brannley, Kevin Murphy, Seamus Heverin, Eric Traynor,Jeremiah O'Mara.

Front left to right: Ollie Timlin, David Carey, Michael Shea, Brendan Herbert R.I.P, M.J Maughan, Brian Finan, Vincent Kavannagh, Padraic Traynor.

Seated front: John McLoughlin, Dessie O'Boyle, Tommy Canavan, John Moore.

Ardagh Junior Team 1984

Back left to right: Michael Cawley, Brian Timlin, John Timlin, Tom Doherty, Declan O'Boyle, Sean Carr, Pat Lowther, Peter Flynn, Gerry McAndrew, Sean Murphy.

Front left to right: Tom Timlin, Michael Moran, Padraic Traynor, Jeremiah O'Mara, James Lowther, Anthony Harrison, Raymond O'Boyle, Michael McAndrew.


Ardagh Under-21 Team 1984

 Back left to right: Murdy Doherty,P McHale, Michael McAndrew, Declan O'Boyle, Michael Cawley, Gay Newcombe, David Cawley, S.Jackson.

Front left to right: Micheal Egan, Sean Flanagan, Tom Timlin, Dave Gibbons, James Lowther, Brian Timlin, Gerry McAndrew.


Ardagh National School Team 

Back Left to right: John Barrett, Declan Mongon, Murdy Doherty,Patrick Murphy.

 Front left to right: Michael Moore, John Moore, Brian Finan.

 Ardagh National School Team 1984 

Back left to right: Dr. Michael Loftus, Patrick Heverin, Michael Harrison, Gereard Howard, John Moore, Keiran Mongan and Fr.Jim Nallen.

Front left to right: Gerry Keane, Eric Traynor, Brian Finan (Captain), Edward Flanagan, Kenny Langan.


Rathnamagh National School Team  

Back left to right: Brendan Herbert R.I.P, Stephen Gordon, Michael Finan, Gerry McAndrew, Kevin Murphy.

Front left to right: John Cuffe, David Carey, Desmond O'Boyle, Joe Carey, Michael Murphy.

Exclusive Junior Final St.Stephens Park, Ballina 1986

Back left to right: John Timlin, Michael Cawley, Michael Flanagan, Pat Lowther, Michael McAndrew, Declan O’Boyle, Richard O’Mara, Seamus Weir, Pat Bilbow.

Front left to right: Brendan Herbert R.I.P, Sean Flanagan, Michael Timlin, James Lowther, Tom Doherty (Captain) Tom Timlin, Jeremiah O’Mara, Gerry McAndrew. Seated: Hugh Duffy, Brian Timlin, Ray O’Boyle, Dave Gibbons.

Ardagh On Tour in Ardara, Co.Donegal 1991

Back left to right: Pakie Herron, Jeremiah O’Mara, Declan O’Boyle, Gerry McAndrew, Michael Flanagan, David Carey, Kevin Hope, Tom Doherty, Brendan O’Hora, Kathleen Egan, Stephen Molloy

Front left to right: Michael Timlin, Tom Timlin, Patrick Heverin, Brian Finan, Padraic Egan, John Barrett, John McLoughlin, Seamus Heverin, Michelle Egan.

Ardagh G.A.A Junior Team on tour in Manchester 1995 

Back the left to right: Gerry Carr, Paraic Egan, Seamus Heverin, Gerry McAndrew, Patrick Heverin, David Murphy.

Front left to right: Aiden McHale, Eric Traynor, Brendan Herbert R.I.P, Patrick Gallagher, Michael Heffernan (Rakestreet). John Joe Tolan, Michael McAndrew (Cooneal) ,Tony Mulderrig.

The team were looked after in Manchester by Declan and Grace O’Boyle and local G.A.A club, where Declan and Grace were very involved in running the club at the time. A great time was enjoyed by all.


Exclusive Junior Final V Moygownagh 1996 

Back left to right: Enda Flynn, Eric Traynor, Padraic Whitaker, David Murphy, Eanna McHale, Gerry McAndrew, Patrick Heverin, Michael Moore, Michael McAndrew, Padraic Egan, Michael McAndrew.

Front left to right: Brendan Murphy, John Herbert, John McLoughlin, Michael Timlin, Gavin Gallagher, Aiden McHale, Jerry Keane, Christy McLoughlin,Gabriel Maughan, Brendan Herbert R.I.P, John Cronin, Jeremiah O’Mara.

The Late Michael Walsh presenting sponsorship to Ardagh Chairman John Cronin with Padraic Egan (Far left) Team Manager and Gerry Keane Team Captain 1996.

Ardagh V The Neale 1997

Back left to right: Aiden McHale, Enda Flynn, Patrick Heverin, David Murphy, Gerry Keane, Christy McLoughlin, Richard O’Mara, Eanna McHale, Eric Traynor, John Cronin, Padraic Egan (Manager).

Front left to right: Padraic Whittaker, Michael McAndrew (Cooneal), Gabriel Maughan, Michael Moore, John Herbert, Brendan Murphy, Brendan Herbert R.I.P, John McLoughlin.

Ardagh Junior Team 2002

Back left to right: Seamus Walsh, Gerry McAndrew, Peter Jackson, Darragh Timlin, Seamus Heverin, Christy McLoughlin, Ray Kelly, Michael McAndrew, Vincent O’Boyle, Diarmuid Carney, John Cronin, Mark McAndrew, David Murphy. 

Front left to right: Eddie Neary, Brian Gardiner, Anthony Glacken, Gavin Gallagher, Damien Maughan, Noel Moran, John Herbert, Brendan Barrett, Aiden McHale, Vincent Kavanagh.

Ardagh G.A.A Dinner Dance 1997, Dolphin Hotel

Back left to right: Mons.Lynn R.I.P, John Cronin, Michael McAndrew (Cooneal) Gerry O’Mara, Pat Holmes (Guest), Padraic Egan, John McHale (Guest), Michael Cawley, Liam Gillispie R.I.P.

Front left to right: Michael Herr (Guest), John Kenny (Guest), Vincent Neary (Guest), Jeremiah O’Mara, Enda Munnelly (Guest), Tony Mulderrig, Aiden McHale.

Recent Events In Club History

2000: Amalgamated at Underage Level with Moygownagh under the name Ardmoy

2009: Amalgamated with Moygownagh at Junior Level under the name Ardmoy

2010: Re-formed under Ardagh due to GAA rules regarding amalgamations and property.

    Ardagh in the news regarding failed amalgamation attempt

2014: Junior team gain promotion from Div 1E of Mayo Senior League

2015: Junior team gain promotion from Div 1D of Mayo Senior League

Did you know?

In 1909, Tom Gibbons and Paul Judge were the first Ardagh men to represent the parish in an All-Ireland Final

Fr. James Nallen (RIP), parish priest of Ardagh (1983 – ’96) was a member of the Mayo Junior team that won the All-Ireland in 1957. Fr. Nallen was an uncle of All-star James Nallen (Crossmolina) who played for Mayo Senior Team (1995 – 2010)

Ardagh GAA first mini-marathon was held in 1981

In 1984 Ardagh won Scór na nÓg, the Rince Foirne section. This was the first time a Mayo club won a title in this category

In 1986 Ardagh won Club of the year award. 

Ardagh U14 Camogie team won the All-Ireland Feile na nGael in 1988

Dr. Mickey Loftus (President of the GAA 1985-’87) is one of the trustees of the Ardagh GAA club grounds

In 1982, Aidan McHale won an All-Ireland Vocational Schools medal with Mayo scoring 1-2.

Former players, Ollie Bolton and Declan O’Boyle won All-Ireland medals with the Mayo Masters team.

In 1990's the club won the league, the winter league, the junior exclusive, Senior B and the Mc Ginley cup,

In 2016, James Carr won an All-Ireland U21 medal with Mayo

In 2016, Declan O’Boyle won his second All-Ireland medal with Mayo winning the Masters.

Ardagh G.A.A Club would like to sincerely thank Tony Mulderrig for his help compiling this article and anyone that gave information or photographs. We hope the information is accurate and if anyone would like to add anything to this article please contact the present committee or email

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